1. Introduce your puppy to their collar and leash – When you first begin to introduce your puppy to walking, wearing a collar and leash, it is very important that you allow your pup to get use to the collar and leash before going directly into leash training. First you want to let your pup get use to wearing a collar and leash.  Start them out wearing the collar with the leash attached for short periods of time in and around the house.  As they are wearing the collar and leash play with them and reward your pup with a treat. 


  1. Teach your Pup a cue – What do I mean by this? The most important part of training a pup is you must get their attention.  Having a cue is very instrumental in getting their attention.  A cue is a sound that means a treat is coming.  You want to capture your pup’s attention and associate this sound with good job and a treat is coming.  You can use a clicker or whatever sound your pup response too.


  1. Reinforce your pup coming to you – After your pup associates your cue with a treat and starts to come towards you when you use the cue, now its time to introduce your pup to a command. When you use the cue, say come and as your pup is coming towards you backup a few steps and reward them when they get to you.  Continue this training until your pup understands the cue sound.  Puppies have short attention spans so keep your training sessions short.


  1. Practice inside – Now that your pup associates their leash with fun and treats, it’s time to practice walking a few steps while you hold the leash, and your pup is by your side. Walk 5 to 10 steps with your pup by your side, have a treat to maintain your pup’s focus on you.  As your pup walks with you, with their collar and leash on always provide positive reassurance.  Continue offering your pup a treat and praise your pup when they successfully complete the 5 to 10 steps. 


  1. Now it’s time to go outside – Use all the steps that are listed above. Remember your pup will be challenged by the sounds, smells and things they see so you must have patience with your pup as they learn to walk on a leash.  Repeat steps 1 - 4!