1. Let Your Dog Be The Guide
One easy way to make your dog walk more fun is by letting your dog decide where to go. Rather than take the standard route sit back and let your dog lead the way. Sure, your dog might end up leading you over to those trees where all the squirrels & birds hang out but letting them choose is a nice way to give your dog a chance to show you what they find interesting.
2. Go to Your Local Park
Getting a little tired of walking through your own community? Make your walk more fun for you and your dog by taking a trip to your local park or explore a new trail.
3. Switch Up Your Route
If you want to make your dog walk a little more exciting but don’t want to take a trip just try switching up your route. Next time you head out for a walk take a right instead of a left, or take your dog through a different neighborhood.
4. Add Training Into Your Walk
When you’re out walking your dog you can make things more fun by adding in a few quick training sessions. You can practice some basic obedience such as sit, stay, down and heel. If your dog isn’t used to training while out on a walk I suggest starting with the easy stuff. Dogs are easily distracted while outside, and it’s not as easy to keep your dogs attention when there’s all those smells around. Training in different environments (such as on the walk) will increase your dogs sense of awareness and it’s a great way to sharpen up their focus.
5. Invite a Friend To Walk With You
When was the last time you invited a friend over to catch up? I don’t know about you, but for me technology has changed ‘catching up’ from hanging out in real life to logging onto facebook, Instagram or sending a text message. Make your dog walk more fun by inviting a friend or relative along. You can catch up on the latest news, and your dog will enjoy the extra company. And you might be surprised by how much more fulfilling hanging out in real life is rather than texting.
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