There are many approaches you can use to measure your dog's paw. Please keep in mind that you will need to measure the entire part of the paw that touches the floor - from the back paw pad to the edge of the toenail. You will also want to be sure your dog's nails are trimmed to ensure the most comfortable fit. It is best to measure your dog's paws while your dog is standing so the paw is completely spread out. When your dog is standing you will get a wider measurement (more accurate) than when your dog is laying or sitting.

Below are a few ways to measure your dog's paws. 
  • Wet your dog's paw and press it on a blank piece of paper. Measure the length and width of the impression (include toenail)
  • Hold a ruler or tape measure on the bottom of your dog's paw and measure the length and width (including toenail)
  • Put a ruler on the floor and let your dog stand on it.
  • Have your dog stand on a blank piece of paper and mark the front & back of the paw (include toenail) for length measurement. Measure the distance between the lines. Do the same on the left and right sides of the paw for width measurement. Do not trace around the paw.

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